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As a young boy working in a livery stable and listening to cowboy conversations, Ben Green realized that people preferred different-colored horses for different reasons. Driver prized highly teams that matched in color and size. Traveling salesmen chose solid bay teams because thy had more endurance. Dark Horses seemed less vulnerable to scalding and chafing by saddles and cinches. Green decided that if a horse’s color has anything to do with its stamina, intelligence, or soundness, he had better learn about it. He became a horse trader, a horse breeder, and finally a veterinarian.

Dr. Green began his research into equine coloration in the 1940’s in West Texas where, as he put it, “Horses were cheap and there was an array of colors that was unmatched anywhere else in North America.” he continued his studies in Europe, south America, and the Middle East. Dr. Green compiled his discoveries int o this well-documented and easy-to-read book,originally published in 1974, about why equine color occurs as it does and how to identify it. Popular and respected among horse breeders, traders, owners, riders, and admirers, The Color of Horses is a standard reference on race tracks, farms, and ranches worldwide.

Each detailed description of color includes an diagram of pigment arrangement, thirty-four reproductions of oil paintings by renowned western artist Darol Dickinson depict the colors that Dr. Green isolated and described. Author and artist collaborated to assure that each painting portrayed the precise results of Dr. Green’s research.

This one is a Northland Press First Edition – Third Printing from 1986.

This is a used book in poor condition. It has skuffs on the cover and one corner has been chewed off by a dog or rabid toddler. All pages are in the book and it is still very readable. It can be signed by Darol Dickinson upon request.

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