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Lean Food Products – Purebred Texas Longhorn. THE STORE NAME IS Longhorns Head to Tail. All LHT meat products are INSPECTED BY Ohio Dept. of Agriculture (#1055), (#165) OR USDA (#15826).  LHT meats are free range raised near Barnesville, Ohio without the use of implants, growth hormones, or steroids. See individual product label for exact details. An exclusive meat food produced for those who love the lean beef taste yet absolutely demand a low calorie and low carbohydrate product. **

Store hours – 10am to 5pm Mon-Sat, Closed Sundays, other hours by appointment.

Every client of LHT is special, so call for an appointment to pick up meat product at your convenience. Call the store at 740 758 5050. We want to serve our loyal patrons. For clients in Northern Ohio, product can be dispatched from the Canaan center plant, however purchases are made from the Barnesville store.Certified Beef Logo

The LHT lean beef program has been approved for a very definitive trade mark. Certified Texas Longhorn Beef is now the official trademark for a very high quality, lean, healthy product that is range raised here in the Appalachians. The nation’s healthiest breed of cattle are now a certified product of the LHT store. Smoked lean beef, halves & quarters can be ordered to satisfy the meat tooth of your family. Certified Texas Longhorn Beef is for those who realize you are what you eat, and you are what you eat, eats.

At LHT, the entire steer is used for the free range grind products with surface fat removed. Most LHT smoked ground products are 94% to 96% lean. The grass fed steaks, roasts, loins and all prime cuts become lean grind at the LHT store.

LHT Store has Bulk Texas Longhorn Beef by the side or quarter. Side of beef
LHT Store offers a new 100% Texas Longhorn Pepper Stick Summer Sausage product. This 96% lean Longhorn beef product is smoked and ready to enjoy. It is much leaner than competitive products with 12 herbs and spices to create a delightful healthy flavor. No commercial product equals it’s lean high protein quality. Pepperstick
Compare LHT pure Longhorn with a leading commercial packer’s high fat product hidden in a dark wrapper. Our meat is lean, nutritious, and naturally low in fat. No need to disguise it with a dark wrapper.
LHT Beef Smokies (beef sticks) are smoked and ready to eat. Enjoy pure Longhorn 96% lean with no chicken lips added.
Each LHT product is carefully vacu-packed for freshness and safety. This Ring Summer Sausage shows the rich color of Lean Longhorn. The modern vacu-wrap fast frozen process is far superior and no chemical preservative is used.
Longhorn Jerky is made from whole muscle with only the leanest cuts, smoked to perfection.
LHT Natural Range Raised and Grassfed grind is 94-96% lean. This is a total beef product with the prime cuts included as grind. This is the great nutrition, health and economy product. There is no fat ot trim, bone or waste–it’s a 100% food product.
Purchase by the pound or 50 lb. value boxes. This is fresh frozen and must be picked up at the 35500 Muskrat Rd. Longhorns Head to Tail store.
All Natural corn fed Longhorn freezer beef is cut and vacu-wrapped by half or quarter. Order in advance as inventory is not always available.
All Smoked Cooked Longhorns Head to Tail meat products
should be refrigerated or frozen for continued freshness.

**Health Note – Mass producers of generic beef have no problem selling prime cut steaks. A problem is selling the low value parts… the fat, flank, neck, jaws, etc.. Beef sausage is where it goes. Normally all the extra fat is sold mixed with ground low value meat. In order to fool the consumer, a dark semi transparent covering is placed over the product to make it appear more lean. After purchase, the product is opened and there are mass particles of white fat. Many sausage products are over 60% fat, especially pork.



“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” — Luciano Pavarotti

Place orders with the LTH store info@head2tail.com.  Check the site for recipes at www.head2tail.com.  Store phone 740 758 5050. Location — 35000 Muskrat, Barnesville, Ohio 43713.

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“Good farming is the greatest form of artistic expression. Farmers create the bridge between nature and human nourishment. Food as the product of the agricultural arts goes beyond any image on the wall of a gallery or museum. Good eating, in that sense, could be considered one of the most integrated forms of art appreciation.”

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