Points To Consider

  • Do you have storage space? A half beef cut and wrapped will require about 7 cubic feet. Lowes or Wal-Mart sells a 14.8 cu ft chest freezer for about $400.
  • Are you concerned with white paper wrap freezer burn? Always buy clear vacu-wrap air tight packaging.
  • The most costly food items are in small packages. Save by purchasing bulk.
  • Divide bulk purchase cost with family friends and share the savings.
  • Purchase bulk beef from people who eat their own product.
  • Three terms to know: Live weight, hanging weight, and cut and wrapped weight. Most bulk beef is sold at hanging weight then delivered at cut/wrap weight.
  • The USA imports beef from many countries. Over 18% of US beef is imported. Support your country and food producers in the USA.

At LHT, the entire steer is used for free range grind products. The grass fed steaks, roasts, loins and all prime cuts become lean grind. This is why people like the “steaky” ground beef flavor. Dine on beef high in Omega-3. Know that every morsel improves our health. Check the (LHT Heat & Serve.)

LHT brand Better Than Organic  Range Raised and Grass-fed grind is 90-94% lean.

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LHT Store has Bulk Texas Longhorn Beef by the whole, side or quarter. It can be purchased at the store, or shipped nation wide.

Each LHT product is fast frozen and carefully vacu-packed for freshness, longevity and safety.
All the steaks, roasts, and prime cuts, with the grind, are available in BTO grain fed LHT beef. Steers are 80% grass fed and 100 day grain fed to create the tender eating experience desired by serious beef lovers.

All LHT beef (Click for Our Goal) products are the historic Texas Longhorn breed, unquestioned for health, protein and old fashioned flavor. As the USA meat production system discontinues high grain consumption, the Texas Longhorn will become the efficiency hero. Secret ~~the magic is to turn cactus, browse, weeds, brush, briars and thorns into a steak. Reward Economic excellence!

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