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The secret 26 step Longhorn Head to Tail Genuine Texas Longhorn Skull polishing process is state-of-the-art.
Big Texas Longhorn Steer - Lawman - r_3836 First, start with a donor who no longer requires a skull. LHT starts with Genuine Texas Longhorn cattle. Most of the skulls come from Dickinson Cattle Co., Inc.
Man On Roof with Raw Texas Longhorn Skulls - r_4273 Next is the slow natural low heat cooking process within a plastic cover. This is done with ultra-violet sun solar energy. It softens and breaks down non-bone tissue for prompt removal.Skulls are slow cooked on top of a truck trailer out of reach of coyotes, wolves, dogs, cats, fox, or looters.
Skulls are cooked in a 100 gallon boiler and all the non-bone bits are removed by high pressure spray.
Skulls are Whitened using professional taxidermy whitening chemicals.
Texas Longhorn Skulls Sun Bleaching and Air Drying on Pole - p_817_m One of the final steps is a sun cure drying process. Horn shells are removed and the core bone is air dried in clean bright country sunshine.
Texas Longhorn Skulls getting protective sealer - 934_38_m The final touch on every skull is the protective coating. No paint, plaster or rope is used to cover up poor workmanship.Bone is like a sponge, so the final clear coating seals the pores and protects from most liquid stains.