Our Goal… Our Purpose


  • We believe cattle should be healthy – and beef healthy for you.
  • We believe food is a God given provision.
  • We believe our health and well-being is best served when beef is free range raised, grass fed, and totally produced without steroids, hormones, or growth implants.
  • We believe food, animals and the land should be managed using sustainable, humane practices that pro
    mote the long-term health of rural families, consumers, and communities in the USA.
  • We believe food should be produced as close to our homes as possible by people who love the soil, care for the land, and humanely handle cattle.
  • We believe the people who produce your food should earn a just income.
Longhorns Head to Tail
Certified Texas Longhorn Beef
35000 Muskrat Rd.
Barnesville, OH 43713