Beef In Bulk

Buy in bulk and Save

Avoid Expensive purchases.

Grocery Store Beef

The most expensive meats are purchased at huge local grocery stores. This habit of purchasing is attractive and convenient. Customer enhancements include small sizes, flashy promotions, special light effects and bright colorful packaging. Pricey meats are promoted in “bite size” packages. As food gets higher, portions get smaller.

Consumers often purchase more than once a week causing the dollars to appear less per trip, but actually, the opposite happens when considering long term family food costs.

Chinese/Brazil burgers?

Store displays often provide products from dozens of countries, all with less sanitary production than the USA. Even with Country of Origin laws it is still difficult to identify the source. Some labels say, “Product of Mexico, Canada and USA.” A ground beef product could mix lean frozen trim from Australia, 40% fat could be added from Canadian feed lot steers and include a pinch of USA product. That is how it can, and does work.

All Natural safe foods for important families.

People Enjoying BeefLonghorns Head to Tail Store (LHT) is simple and economical in an otherwise confusing global food system. All LHT meat products are raised and grown naturally in Ohio. No hormones, steroids, growth implants or unnecessary antibiotics are used. Cattle are free range grazed, drink spring water and eat abundant native Appalachian grasses.  Simple, old fashioned, healthy and good.

Get Lean, not Fat.

Halves of beef are available cut and wrapped in single portions. The vacu-wrap, air tight, fast frozen process seals flavor and prevents freezer aging. Longhorn Lean Grass beefEach half of beef comes in 11″ X 12″ X 21″ boxes. (Normally 4 boxes per half) A half beef is 6 to 7.5 cubic feet. This fits easily into a 6.8 cubic foot freezer sold by most appliance stores for $155 to $180. The cost for freezer electricity is $30 + – per year.

Five family processing plants cut and wrap LHT products. The plant owners work consistently on site. These are not huge factories with illegals doing the work. All are Ohio State or USDA inspected. Although some plants are a good distance from Barnesville, the travel is worth the personal quality control.

Easy Transport of frozen product.

Nice longhorn cow and calfAll product is available at the LHT Store at 35000 Muskrat, Barnesville, Ohio. Halves of beef may be transported for up to 20 hours without thaw as a result of special packing. It is easy to transport frozen product. LHT delivery routes include areas of Cleveland, Columbus, St. Louis, Colorado Springs, Little Rock, Morgantown, Hagerstown, Tulsa, and Ft. Worth.  Request details.

Buying in volume saves.

Purchasing in volume can save the average family of 5 up to $800 per year. LHT halves are priced by hanging weight. Call for current pricing. A half beef weighs from 290 to 390 lbs. Quarters are also available for those with less storage space. The LHT Certified Texas Longhorn Beef can be purchased from a pound to hundreds of pounds. Volume discounts are available on 50 lbs. or more.

The Highest Quality, Lean & healthy.

Longhorn Herd on natural grassLean grind is a full steer product including all steaks, roasts, yet removing fat trim. It is not generic scrap trimmings from over fattened feed lot steers. LHT grind averages 95% lean. There is no comparison in taste and health values for the money. LHT grass fed or heat and serve beef is tested at 1.45 grams or Omega 3 per 3 oz serving, superior to farm raised salmon. The real proof is taste and cooking qualities. Call 740 758 5050 to reserve a half for your family. Special custom cutting can be ordered in advance.

Provided by Longhorns Head to Tail Store, 35000 Muskrat, Barnesville, Ohio 43713

Call for an appointment at your convenience to pick up Certified Texas Longhorn Beef products. 740 758 5050 Ask for “Teu.”

12 thoughts on “Beef In Bulk

  1. Good Morning, Does your delivery area include southeast Michigan ?

    1. Wendy, We have a guy that goes from here to the Ann Arbor area about once a month. It would be best to call in and talk to Rose. She has been coordinating these connections. 740-758-5050

  2. Please Have Rose give me an e-mail or call I need 1/2 or a whole long horn.
    I’m down to just a few roasts, yikes!
    Always pleased with the product.

    1. David, I don’t know if we have your number. Best to just call in and talk to Rose. She has been coordinating these connections. 740-758-5050

  3. What is the normal cost for a half of beef

    1. Jeff,

      Please call in for current prices.

      740-758-5050 Ask for Rose or Teu


  4. Hi Teu……It was so nice to meet and talk to you on Friday. Can you give me info regarding 1/4 of a beef (what it contains) and delivery to nearest exit when you are going near Dayton. We had the burger and it was amazing…..usually if I have beef for a dinner, my joints are stiff and ache the next morning. The next morning after having your delicious burger I felt wonderful!

    1. Teu will send you an email privately. Glad to hear that our beef is kinder on your joints. Inflammation is nasty stuff.

  5. Please email me your prices of bulk meat, and approximate weight of halves, quarters.
    Do you have meat bundles?
    I see your current price on beef is $3.95 a lb.
    I live in Newcomerstown, Ohio. Do you deliver in this area?

    1. Thanks for your inquiry. We have beef available all the time at our store. We do not normally offer a door-to-door service on beef, but do make stops and try to accommodate our customers as much as possible. Newcomerstown is between where we are and where we get our beef processed, so you are in luck, we travel by you at least once a month. We have met with customers at the McDonalds or the Dutchess Truck Stop. We can easily do that next time we have a trip that way.

      The first step is to decide what you want and give Rose a call to arrange it. Rose: 740-758-5050

  6. HI there – is your beef 100% grass fed, or is it grain finished? Thanks!

    1. We have two separate lines of beef products. 100% grass fed from birth until death…. or grass grown and then finished.

      100% Grass…
      All canned beef, 50 lb boxes of ground round, individual ground beef packages in our store, and grass finished 1/2’s and 1/4’s

      Grass grown then Finished…
      1/2’s and 1/4’s, and all individual steaks and cuts available in our store.

      Our best seller is the 50lb Grass fed ground beef.

      If you have any more questions, please call 740-758-5050 and ask to speak to Rose

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