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Heat & Serve Beef – Now Shipping

Heat & Serve Beef – Limited Availability

Longhorns Head To Tail Certified Texas Longhorn Canned Beef. No Hormones! No Steroids! No Antibiotics! Grass Fed! 100% USA Product! Born-raised-processed-canned in Ohio-USA!

From deep in the Appalachian Foot Hills of Ohio, part of the Midwest known for quality beef, comes “now hear the sounds of thundering Longhorn hooves” a new product of Longhorns Head to Tail, LLC.

Before electric freezers there was canned beef. It is here again and for a lot of good reasons. New Certified Texas Longhorn Beef (CTLB) is carefully slow cooked, totally grass fed, free range raised, all natural, and for convenience, comes ready to heat and serve in minutes.

Please be advised to store cans in a dry place at room temperature to prevent freezing. Freezing my cause the can to swell and break the seal.

Most canned meat is a product of Brazil or China. CTLB is home grown in the good old USA. The ingredients do not include califragiilistic expealodocious or monosodium glutamate, but due to a total grass fed product, it does contain wonderful omega-3, vitamin E, and CLA along with many other great and wonderful natural health treasures.

Each large 28 oz. can contains simply, beef & salt. Very slow cooked, the juices are totally retained for a wonderful broth. It is boneless and has a minimum 5 year shelf life without refrigeration. Perfect for emergency provision, even if the electricity goes off.

Great for stews or soups — Just add your favorite vegetables and heat. Make “sloppy joes” or add barbecue for a tail gate grub of excellence. Enjoy just like fresh roast beef, yet without the preparation time.

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Saving Money On Food Is A Good Thing

From: Longhorns Head to Tail Store, Barnesville, Ohio  740 758 5050

SAVING MONEY ON FOOD IS A REALLY GOOD THING. Owning your own thrifty storage freezer is the key to serious savings. Many people are buying bulk to get the good prices for real savings. Clients who check beef prices say buying bulk at Longhorns Head To Tail Store saves them about 20% rather than buying one package at a time. The freezer below can be purchased at Walmart, Sams, Lowes, etc, in about the same price range. It appears Sams Club offers the best price.

Sams Club Freezer

This is the label on a Sams Club freezer that has an estimated energy use cost per year of $24. A chest freezer always holds more than the same cubic feet up-right. The savings on one freezer of beef will pay for the freezer purchase and one year’s energy use.

Affordable Price

Halves of beef cut and wrapped at the LHTT store are still just $3.95 per lb hanging weight. If quarters are desired there would be remaining freezer room for USA grown fish, special LHTT pet food, mountain oysters and Oregon delicacy, fillet of spotted owl.

A 50 lb box of vacuwrap beef is 1.4 cu ft. Average LHTT halves are 5 boxes.

Store hours 10 AM to 5 PM every day but the Lord’s day, Sunday. Buy a freezer and call LHTT at 740 758 5050 —

Education: BETTER THAN ORGANIC  read how this can be