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One Can Heat & Serve Turkey – 28 oz

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For your information, 5 cans will ship for the same cost as 2 cans. They fit great in a flat rate box through the post office for $10.95. If you would like this option, please specify in the comments box when ordering. Thank you.

From a separate division of LHT, out of the Appalachian Foot Hills of Ohio, part of the Midwest known for great nutritious food production, comes an all new product “Heat and Serve Turkey.”

Before electric freezers preservation of farm raised foods was by canning. It is an old process with a 5 year shelf life minimum. Lean meats grown on the rolling hills of Ohio are carefully selected, trimmed and pressure cooked to the exact second of perfection. Now it is available to heat and serve in minutes.

Most heat and serve meat products are processed in Brazil, China or outside the USA. All LHT meats are home grown in Ohio, USA. The ingredients do not include monosodium glutamate (MSG), extractives of koozonta, artificial flavorings, dehydrated anything, dextros or flabozakrin coloring.

LHT All Natural Turkey daily value is trans fat O g, total carbohydrate Click here for full label )

Each large 28 oz. can contains simply meat and a pinch of salt. Very slow pressure cooked, the juices are totally retained for a wonderful broth. It is boneless with no waste. Perfect for emergency provisions, even if the electricity goes off. Great for salads, soups, stews and sandwiches. Enjoy just like fresh cooked meat, except without the preparation time.

Please be advised to store cans in a dry place at room temperature to prevent freezing. Freezing my cause the can to swell and break the seal.

Note on BPA: Click here

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